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The best Publisher/Advertiser! - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

Make revenue from your website, the best alternative for AdSense

The PopAds ad network is one of the most popular ad network pop-ups. And it's a great alternative to adsense. It works great with any type of website, even monetization of adult and gambling sites is allowed (adult sites earn a lot because of the high traffic). The best thing about this that you can withdraw you earned money at any time once, your unpaid salary is reached at a minimum amount of 5 $. Currently,

providing higher CPM rates, excellent technical support, and faster payment in the industry.

Since the last three years, I am using Google Adsense for my blog and it is undoubtedly one of the best advertising programs that pays high CPC. After that, I was looking for other monetization networks that worked well with Adsense for my blog, and that's when I stumbled across the PopAds network.

And the first question that came to mind was - can you make money for my blog? So I decided to sign up for this network to see if it can generate revenue for my blog. And after using it for two months (total traffic up to two months, only 20,000), I earned $ 68.26.

How PopAds Work?

Unlike AdSense, it does not require ad space, which means that visitors do not have to click anything. And you will get paid whenever your visitors browse your site!

PopAds is great if you are getting traffic from US, UK and Cannada as it provides high eCPM to those countries. But for Asian traffic, you may not gain much until you get a huge amount of organic and social traffic. (100% fill rates). PopAds works great with download sites (mp3, apps) and video sharing sites. It can ignore adblock plugin and monetize th is the traffic too.

How to enroll in PopAds?

The process of subscribing to the network of PopAds is very easy, and you just need to fill out an publisher form. Just click on the link to access and fill out a simple form. And you need to wait 24 hours to receive an email from your team stating that your website has been approved.

Can your site be approved?

Absolutely yes. It supports all types of websites, including adults, non-adults, hackers and crackers.

Is your JavaScript plugin friendly to SEO?

Yes. For API integration, they provide a small JavaScript code that you need to add just above the closing head tag. And the best thing about this, this does not affect the loading speed of your website, which is one of the factors of Search Engine Optimization ranking.

What are the CPM rates of net popads?

For US / UK traffic, you can receive up to $ 4.5 CPM

For three-tier countries like Pakistan, India receives about $ 0.5 to $ 0.8

What is the payment threshold?

Payment limit is too low. You will be paid whenever your unpaid earnings reach a low of $ 5. Payment will be issued within 24 hours.

What are the payment methods?

PayPal, etc...


As there are thousands of alternatives available for pop-ups in ads, but no one can compete with popads because it offers high CPM and daily payout. If you've rejected the Adsense program, then I recommend you join that network.

Good luck!


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